Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 00:The MIssion

Its funny, I thought it was hard to begin stories, but apparently its also hard to begin a blog. Sometimes I prefer to start in the middle of a story, but since I don’t know the middle of my blog hats hard. How could I know the middle of my blog, when I don’t know when it ends?

What real sucks is that this blog may never end, well, at least not until we run out of electricity, the ice caps melt, or we are all enslaved by robots. Anyway, thousand of scientists have billions of ways we will all die, but until doomsday, this blog may never end, because, no work is ever finished, it is only stopped.

I am screaming this daily blog to track my progress though m book series. It’s called the Empty City, a book series containing five books. It’ not really fair to call it days….

So far I have about 38000 words into the first draft of my first book. I do not expect anyone really to read this, but I feel this blog will help motivate me into writing.

“The Empty City”, to set up simply, is a story about a group of people who wake up in an empty city, without any idea who they are or where they are. What happens when you find out you attempted suicide, you’re a whore, you were a brilliant young doctor, a murderer, responsible for the deaths of hundreds…or what would happen if you found out everything that was happening was really all your fault? What if one girl had all the answers? What if their were people out there to make you just like them…and what if these people couldn’t die?

That’s a bit overdramatic, but I just wrote it, cut me a break. That’s the simple twist, there is a lot more to it. Maybe it sounds like crap because the story is crap…but here’s the thing…even if it were crap, and it might be, but despite all of that it wouldn’t make a difference. For me, the words must come out. You ant’ stop it…its like holding g in a thrust of rushing wind.

Just a little about me. I am an 18 year old, and this is my first book. I guess I’m a bit of a sci-fi geek, I spend a little to much time watching Lost, Babylon 5, Doctor who, Heroes, and firefly.

This blogs purpose is to simply motivate to me into writing something ever day, I have been slacking for the last few weeks, however, I’m at least half way done at 37680 words. .

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